Nora's Joy

Golden Butter Blend



The Golden Butter Blend is handcrafted with a mixture of growth packed oils for natural hair growth. Lightly Mixed. Combined with Shea butter, there is coconut oil, olive oil, jojoba oil and many more amazing ingredients. This growth mix has proven to aid in hair growth, hair moisture, hair shine, hair repair, mends split ends, heals dry and itchy scalp and so much more. The Golden Butter Blend strengthens, moisturizes, fertilizers scalp and nourishes your hair strands. Assured to repair damaged hair, prevents hair loss, effective natural conditioner, hair sealant and hair softener.
While I was pregnant I had multiple products that caused severe irritation to my scalp, as a result I did a lot of research to find a remedy. I developed this product using the knowledge I gained from my research and found the perfect blend.